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luceti [ic] ⚝ video oo2

[When May arrived home from getting missioned, the biggest thing she wanted was rest. Not, in attempt to get to Ran Fan's bed end up somewhere back out in the street with the ground as slippery as ice. After a few minutes of slipping past doors while trying to grab them and slamming into walls she pulls out the journal.

Unknown to her that the video feed is showing her hair buns as pink cotton candy puffs with spirals of sugar instead of braids.]

What's going on? I go on a mission and everything is messed up when I come back. [Whatever this really is.] Speaking of miiis-[cue slight flailing before slipping straight into a wall.]

Actually, does anyone know a special way to walk on ice-like sustances? I should have stayed on that mission longer o-ow....

[ooc: May is practically slidding all around Luceti while trying to get back to Ling's house. Feel free to have her bump into you or have her slide into something near you. Whatever works for you~]
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[Yeah, the journals seem to have a mind of their own lately. Ginji here's apparently got bushy eyebrows falling half into his eyes and a finely groomed white mohawk.]

Pretty much everything's been acting up around here for the past few days. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. But when you mention ice, do you mean moving around on a sled or skates?

[But seriously, ouch. Looks like that really hurt.] Are you all right?
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Mhm! Well, they're like shoes only they've got a blade on the bottom to help you move across frozen surfaces. As long as they're relatively smooth, anyway. Across snow I think they use something called "snowshoes"?

...Are you sure? That was a pretty rough tumble.
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Ah, I meant smooth surfaces so you won't trip. But if the blades were too sharp, that could be a problem, too.

[Hmm... He taps a finger against his chin.] I've never seen snowshoes in person, but it looked like they had a big hoop on the bottom with a criss-crossing grid. To help distribute weight over a larger area would be my guess. So it'd be like wearing really big shoes that look more like fishing nets than anything.

[Whew. Well, there's something.] Yeah, concussions aren't much fun. That's good to hear.
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[He's about to add that factoring in weight distribution might also help keep you from sinking down into sand and snow, but...he knows that look. Ginji just smiles and give a little shrug.]

You could try the item shop. Or the smithy. Even though I'm not really familiar with them, I'm sure some of those guys would know. They make all kinds of stuff.

[He nods.] Sure, it's no problem. After a few mishaps you make it a habit of checking up on other people.